Sunday, September 1, 2013

Michael Ornstein- Let It Fly Project

Waaaaaaay back in July... the artist/actor Michael Marisi Ornstein worked on this birthday art piece for the Let It Fly Project in Burbank. What a great positive energy filled day!
This guy uses pretty much any and all mediums to get to the finish line. It was an incredible show of clarity amid chaos. Depth, levels and layers- so much happening in the blink of an eye. It definitely grew and evolved throughout the day, and it was a pleasure watching it all unfold. 

The piece has come down since July, it sits alongside the previous month's art in Jimmy's driveway. If you ever find yourself in the area though, take a peek over the fence and knock on the door even- Jimmy Arone is always happy to share the wealth and give you a tour!

It's taken me awhile to get this post up, you know how summer is! But I thought it was due time since the latest- and from what I've heard, the last installment -will be going up this week. Stay tuned for the next one, I hear good things :)

Check out more of Michael's colorful work here.