Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chasing clouds

Down here in LA we don't get very many clouds. But drive north a couple of hours and the sky just explodes with puffs of awesome. On a recent road trip up to Bodie, a few friends and I had to stop and stare at all the cloud action we were being gifted. Coming from the east coast, I've just come to expect them up there but after 4 years of living in Southern California- I've learned not to take them for granted anymore!
The light becomes so different with clouds in the sky! At times it's like the world becomes a soft box and the light just touches everything so softly.
Then other times, it's so sharp and bright you think your head is going to explode! Days like this, I would rather shoot sky then anything down here. So here you have it, an abundance of big sky for your viewing pleasure :)

This Peterbilt shot snuck in here just because I love it :)
The Bristlecone Pine forest with the oldest trees in the world (i think?)

The tufas at Mono Lake were like being on Mars. Amazing clouds and light too, perfection. 
BTW- here is what a tufa is as per wikipedia...
Tufa is a variety of limestone, formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals from ambient temperature water bodies.

Get out and shoot some big skies when you get the chance!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bored in the boonies!

I recently took a short roadtrip up north with some fellow photographer friends to shoot in Bodie, CA. There is an old ghost town there that is awesome fodder for a load of instant film buffs looking for adventure. Alas, the sun was high and the days long... so some of us got a little bored... and little creative with props!
We had some down time while the other half of the expedition was still out finding abandoned goodies, so after relaxing a bit- I decided to empty out my bag of tricks! I just so happened to have packed my mumu, luchador mask and willy wonka goggles. Traci then became Mrs. Roper, The Sleestack. A million laughs later, we ended up with some awesome photos to document the crazy afternoon. Sometimes, it's the random shoots that you end up loving the most!