Friday, May 24, 2013

Pillow Fight!

If you haven't heard, there is a national pillow fight day. And in some places it's quite an event!
This past April 6th, I decided to check out the hooplah at the closest one to me, downtown LA. Right around 3pm (ish) small clusters of pillow and costume clad fighters started to appear in and around Pershing Square. It wasn't very organized at all... I decided it was gonna be up to me to get the ball rolling. So I went up to a group of 4 brightly colored participants who were looking around for something or someone and said "pppsss hey- you should start a countdown, you look like you can yell pretty loud" And wouldn't you know it, by the time he got to 7- people started coming closer and closer until he got to 1.
Then- BOOM! Let the flinging begin.
It took some time for people to really let go and give some good swings but after about 30 minutes- the first pillow popped. Feathers brought out the competition in these people! Now we had a party going. As little as the event was, the fighters were all in top shape and spirits and made the best of the day.
I know in previous years and at different locations, the crowds have been incredibly larger. This year was sort of difficult to really know if it was happening and where. The event had been canceled in 2012 and the information online was pretty spotty. People interested had to really keep their nose to the ground and research all the way up until the morning of. It was hit or miss. Hopefully though this is a sign of an upswing and next year there will be much more advanced notice allowing for better planning and larger crowds.  
Noone was exempt from having a ball. Pillow Pup included! Costumes were fun, there was a unicorn and some rainbow girl and various superheros too. The whole thing went on for about 2 hours. In the California sun, that is some tiring work. These guys were troopers.
I'm glad it actually happened this year and I hope the city of Los Angeles doesn't hate us.
Here's to a better turnout next year!

You can stay in the know about International Pillow Fight Day here. If you are in another large city, odds are there is one happening near you.

Full set of photos over here


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