Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Mecca of Graffiti

 Welcome to one of my favorite places in NY.
5 POINTZ in Long Island City, my old stomping grounds.

This past summer I got to visit the east coast, and on my list of places to see again was the mecca, the awesome, ever changing 5Ptz. Before moving out to LA in 2009, I lived in Astoria, Queens for 9 years. And I LOVED it there. I thought for sure it was a permanent home. Alas, the west coast was calling and the move was made. Luckily- having family and friends back east makes it an easy place to go back to every so often.
Local Project
When I was a local, I would stop over at 5Ptz on the way home from work every so often just to walk around and see all the ever changing art everywhere. I even set up a local photo walk there one day, it was a big hit!

Needless to say, I love the place. LA has an incredible street art scene so I definitely get my fix in- but call it nostalgia, I still love LIC. It's such a huge structure and a living breathing museum of evolving talent, it's amazing.
Recently there has been a bunch of trouble brewing with talks of shutting it down. This is not going over well with the art community! And it shouldn't! Lawyers & court dates are happening. It's a day to day struggle for the little guy.
These walls have seen talent from all over the world. All ages, sex & backgrounds come here for their chunk of space for a fleeting moment. It's a sight to see!
Check out the inside scoop on 5 Ptz here and stay in the loop with what's going on with it's future!


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