Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A visit to the tree house with Gregory Siff

Back in November 2012, I had the pleasure of paying a quick visit to the Tree House. Well that's not technically a place really, but that's what artist Gregory Siff calls his live/work space in West Hollywood.
It's pretty much impossible to be involved in today's contemporary art scene and not have heard of Gregory Siff. Brooklyn born and now LA based, Siff is quickly becoming a heavy hitter in the art world. I became aware of him by seeing his art on the street in and around Melrose and downtown. Using bold colors and sketchy characters has gotten him a huge fan base and also quite a welcoming in many galleries, nationwide. I'd also like to add that he is a crazy sweet person who is the first to offer support and help to fellow creatives. 

You can see below, this would be a typical day at the tree house, listening to music, hanging out and making art. Many local artists come by and collaborate as well. His walls are themselves a gallery!   
 Gregory was the first person to sign on to participate in my own on-going photo project, these images are from that first visit to shoot him. Below is a shot of the man himself "tagging" my chucks! I wear them alot... it might be time for an update- sadly the ink wears off. But that's just how it is, Gregory is all for sharing the love. 

While I was there, another photographer was also working on something. Nobody Photography was getting a custom jacket made while shooting for his website. That jacket was incredible and now I must work on getting one of my own!  Gregory has been known to rock out shoes, jackets, shops- you name it, i'm sure he can work with it.

At any given moment, Mr. Siff is working on half a dozen projects and out at a million and one events. If you haven't met the guy, go up to him and just say hi. He's always wearing his million dollar smile and he's ALWAYS got a marker in hand.

Thank you to Gregory for letting me and my camera come by for a quick snap and thanks also to Nobody for being a trooper and giving me 15 minutes in the middle of his project


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