Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Naked and the Nude

Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and get naked!
This is the incredible Nicolette on our 3rd shoot together. She's an amazing model with a ton of energy, great ability and no inhibitions. A great combo if you ask me. Not many people would be as stoked to shoot at an abandoned, dirty and far away dairy- but she was with it 100%.  Any model that will wear a rabbit mask in her birthday suit and rock it is aces in my book and it makes me very sad that she moved away back to Texas. At least I have a great (& larger) set of images to remember the magic.
If you are not familiar with this location, its known as the Scary Dairy and is an hour north of LA. You've got to walk about a mile on a gravel path from the entrance where you can leave your car, so it's best to travel light or bring a pack mule... I found out about this spot when I moved out here and was digging around the interwebs looking for abandoned locations to explore. I do love my urbex'ing! The dairy is home to SWAT team training and to street artists looking to go big and not be bothered. So yeah, every trip is an adventure. 
As soon as we got there and looked around, we decided that the barn would be the best place to get naked! The textures and colors were great and the trooper that she was, Nicolette just jumped in and did her thing without much help from me. I just needed to be sure to keep my eyes open and the shutter clickin.

She is pretty much one of the easiest models I have ever worked with

I am ok with sharing her... you can find her and book her here


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