Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eighty'ish Hours in Miami

I had the incredible pleasure of spending 4 short days in Miami for Art Basel this past December. What a 4 days it was! I have never wanted more pairs of eyes or 24 hours of daylight in my life!!! Holy crap, every inch of every THING was covered in incredible art. The streets were the best galleries. I mean there were actual galleries, but with 3.5 short days, who has time for that! My companions and I did our very best to walk Wynwood every day and document all the ever changing creativity.

Walking around and seeing the artists at work was sometimes as exciting as discovering a random nook with awesomeness. There was something for every taste, I was there purely for the street. Some of the biggest names around the world- all converged for art, parties and beaches. Taggers, pasters, painters- you name it- this was the place to be.

From masters like Chor Boogie to Herakut to El Mac & Retna, Space Invader, Dabs Myla & Risk- you got gorgeous large scale work. LA was well represented with The Creative Cartel Crew (2wenty, Gregory Siff & Mar), Zombie, Benjamin Alejandro & Annie Preece to name a few!

All in all, it was a great way to spend a long weekend. Next year though, I will be planning ahead and heading over a few days early so as to document alot of the larger work going up. The artists go to Miami weeks in advance to get started on their pieces, that's when I want to be there. Like any good soldier, I want to be in the think of it! 

For the complete set, find them all on Flickr


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